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Treasure hunt rules


The treasure hunt event is conceived as a photography contest following three large themes:

The fanciest fence

The best place in the city

The worst place in the city

The pictures will be made by the participants. Each participant will choose a maximum of 6 pictures and send them to their group guide (the communication modality will be established by each group with the responsible guide) until 2nd of June 2017, 24.00 hours. The selected pictures will be sent mentioning the category they are running for and the name of the author.

The selected pictures of all participants will be posted on the Facebook page of AsoP Romania and made public. In this context we ask the participants to not take in the selected pictures people who might not agree with the publication of their image. AsoP will also have the right to further use the pictures to promote or describe the event.

Of course anyone is free to participate to the guided tours without entering the photography contest. But the contest will be the funniest part of the IFLA Europe Conference and General Assembly, so don’t miss it! We thus invite you to discover better our city full of surprising corners.

The winners for each category will be announced during the Gala Dinner on 3rd June evening.

The entire Treasure hunt event will start on 2nd of June at 13.00. The starting point for all groups will be at the Europa Royale Hotel, where we will explain the rules and answer questions. For some groups public transport will be used. Don’t worry about getting around; everything is taken in consideration and in charge by the guides

Good luck, have fun, and looking forward for your submissions!

AsoP Romania Team